Access Keys

You can now use the keyboard to control zingzing as well as a mouse. Here are the available shortcuts.

Up, Down, Left, Right – Scroll the grid in a direction

Home Key, End Key – Scrolls the grid forward or backward by one day. Page up / Page down in some browsers.

] – Activate detailed grid view

[ – Activate standard grid view

Escape (While Searching) – Cancel search and enable grid navigation

Control 0 – Display access keys help (Current page)

Control 1 – Resets the grid to the default position (Same as home button) or takes you back to the main TV listings page.

Control 4 – Focus the search box ready for typing.

Control 5, Control 6 – Display help page

Control 7 – Display contact page

Control 8 – Display terms and conditions

Control 9 – Display feature requests page

Having trouble with access keys? Please contact us and let us know.

  1. Adonissays:

    Is it possible to change the whole grid into a list format so programmes can be read in a list instead of across the page?

  2. Mesays:

    Hi, will you be automatically changing Virgin 1 to Channel One and is there any way of the user being able to delete the ‘London’, ‘England’ & ‘Freeview’ from our individual saved options? I use this every day in conjunction with Google Calander but have to keep deleting them every time i want to add and save a programme i want to see. Otherwise…excellent work ZingZing! Thanks.

  3. win8 usersays:

    It’s pretty impossible to scroll the channel list using touch on a win 8 device

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