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Saturday, September 27th, 2008

I love hearing how I can make this site even better for you.

Please leave your comments and suggestions at the bottom of this page and remember that no idea is too big or too small.

  1. Andysays:

    Could we have the site updated please, I find this the best TV guide and use it regularly. Unfortunately it doesn’t keep up with the changing of channels and so I’m being forced to go elsewhere to find out what’s on the channels not covered here. It’s mainly Drama and Moviemix that I’m currently missing, but there might be others that someone else might like. But that’s all that wrong with this site for me so well done.

  2. DARKFiB3Rsays:

    Please update the guide with new channels, an otherwise awesome site is pretty useless without them.

    It would also be great if we could login, that way our personal configs could be retrieved on different devices.

    Really hope you haven’t stopped development.

    Thanks :)

  3. Chrissays:

    Please can you place a (R) on the programs that are repeats.

    Thank you.

  4. Tonysays:

    Can you include Freeview Channel 20 Drama please or have I missed it. Thanks

    • Charliesays:

      Agree with both comments above. Would be handy to see what’s coming up on the Drama channel.

      Regarding repeats. Well most Freeview progs are repeats anyway but it would be helpful if terrestrial channel progs had an (R) indicating a repeated programme. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  5. Mary cartwrightsays:

    why oh why have you started to repeat series 1 of Mash so quickly it only finished yesterday, what about the remaining series with Henry Morgan as the C.O. the same applies to Doctor Findlay that only finished a couple of weeks ago, and its on again, also why is it not on tv listing in the papers

  6. Allansays:

    Cannot retain my channel choices, having to reset every time why is this?


    • Danielsays:

      Please explain about the vdeoiing of the race. I noticed 2 different cameras focused on Michelle. Why was that? Did her parents hire someone to video tape their daughter for prosperity? None of the other runners were video taped. How did the taping come to be edited and plubished to the web? I am just curious of the process.Sincerely,Mike

  7. Rogersays:

    I am looking forward to the channels Drama (Freeview 20) and Movie Mix (Freeview 32) being added to those available on Zingzing


  8. Adamsays:

    Hi, love the app but would a future release have CNN and listings for NHK HD? thankyou!

  9. martynsays:

    Why do you have the same programs on shed all day on a Saturday and sunday and then put them on again about three weeks later weekend fishing programs used have a good variety showing now its the same ones showing all day

  10. Paulsays:

    Currently when the listings are first displayed the white vertical line for the current time is offset 30 minutes from the left edge of the listing. Since a lot of programmes are an hour or more in duration the left side of the boxes for these programmes is off-screen, meaning that the programme titles for these are incomplete or missing from this initial display, and I find that the first thing I tend to do is to drag the listings to the right to be able to see those titles. Could that default offset of the “now” line from left edge be increased to 60 minutes, or even be an option that could be set to 30m, 1hr, 2hr?

  11. alsmithsays:

    This is my program guide of choice- nice and clear, and configurable to the way I want in most respects. All but one ‘feature’ is user friendly, your left side scroll bar. Why do you think 2 vertical scroll bars is a worthwhile implementation- it’s not. It is completely unnecessary gadget making the site more complicated to use than it needs to be.
    Could you give the option of all of the programs in one long list so the pages operate like other sites with a scroll bar on the right hand side? It is the standard used everywhere else, is more intuitive and convenient, and has the BIG advantage of working with one scroll bar.
    The full page option is nearly a good implementation, but again two scroll bars! They aren’t both needed.

  12. George Pagesays:

    Can I ask Sally Morgan Psychic Sally Just whey she has to use that Stupid Girlie Voice it just makes her sound stupid I would add I am 100%
    sure of her Abilaties that’s not a issue just her silly voice..George

  13. MoJosays:

    I’d like to see listings for NHK World. I watch that channel a lot but it always appears blank. I have to visit the NHK website in addition to this one just to see that one channel. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

  14. Dasle Goodiersays:

    ZingZing is still the clearest Freesat TV Guide despite it’s errors:-
    Channel 102 – BBC2 is not BBC 2 – it is BBC@ HD normal channel is on 109
    Channel 106 – BBC3 is not BBC 3 – it is BBC3 HD normal channel is on 147
    Channel 107 – BBC4 is not BBC 4 – it is BBC4 HD normal channel is on 148
    Channel 306 – Movies for Men 2 is not a freesat channel

    These channel have been is these positions for many months now, but now update has been made. We do not watch the HD channels much, as our TV has a sound lag, making viewing annoying.

  15. Jamzysays:

    Please update the channel lists. Movie mix/more>movies and True Drama are just a couple that are missing and I hate having to go between several TV guides in order to find all the channels.

    Other than the lack of regularly updated channel lists, this site is awesome.

  16. Rupert Cakesays:

    android please

  17. Scottsays:

    Please update channels and add ITVBe amongst others, thank you

  18. Nicksays:

    Cannot download Printable TV Guide today!

  19. Mattsays:

    Used this site for years, remember reading about the courier, man-handing your server to prove my loyalty.

    Its unbelievable how little this project has needed updating as the internet has changed.
    Thanks for the service that was well ahead of its time, and still is in my opinion since the other sites aren’t even comparable.

  20. paul wrightsays:

    I have been using your service for ages but now a message says I cant download.

  21. Nicksays:

    Hi, could you add the BT Sports channels…. BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN please?

  22. JOHNsays:

    Just a small thing…but….The white line running down the screen denoting the current time is running approximately 4 minutes slow….

    On a few occasions I`ve inadvertently missed the start of a programme because of this….so can it be fixed to the correct time please?

    Otherwise a wonderful site

  23. Mikesays:

    I cant see how to save my Options changes. It just reverts to the default

  24. Joelsays:

    Would it be possible to mark a programme so that the tile changes its appearance relative to the tiles around it or flashes? This would be a great way to build a watch list while still seeing the context.

    By far the best site of its kind.


  25. dougpochinsays:

    I love your site but wish the time indicator was not running about 4 minutes slow.

  26. Timsays:

    when will we see BT Sport included?

  27. Jamzysays:

    Is there any chance of the channel lists being updated sometime please? There are more new channels that are not listed on your site. Spike and ITVbe and movie mix are just a few examples.

    I love this site, but it’s getting less functional as time goes on so I end up having to use TV Guide instead.

  28. Sazzsays:

    another shout out for the listings to be update to include the new and not-so-new in the case of Movie Mix and Drama]freeview channels!!!


  29. Flardensays:

    Hello Guv,

    Your Freeview channel numbers seem to be a bit wrong, and have been for some time. Most are fine, but some are just wrong.

    Please fix.

    Great site, otherwise!

  30. Alsays:

    Can you add the London Live channel

  31. Andresays:

    Hi love your site. Can you add Movie Mix channel 32? UK Freeview.


  32. Dave Jamessays:

    Please add BT Sport channels and Sky Atlantic.

  33. hello?says:

    I don’t think anyone is maintaining this site any more.

    There have been no new channels added in what seems like forever, including Spike, Drama, ITVbe and MovieMix/More>Movies amongst others.

    Then in the last few days, Channel 5 is permanently showing as off air.

    This is a shame as I love the way ZingZing works, but I more and more often have to resort to using TVGuide.co.uk to see all the channels. And it’s just not as good.

    If there is anyone out there, could you please fix it?

  34. Alan Smithsays:

    What’s happened to ‘Off Air’ Channel 5 (UK)? It’s been missing for a while now – from your guide not from transmission.

  35. Stephen Brookesays:

    Any reason why there is currently nothing showing for channel 5, the listing is there just no programmes are showing, its been like this for a few days now…

  36. Gelsays:

    Five London been missing for sometime; Five South is OK though, but I can’t work out how to select that when selecting pdf version.

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