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Saturday, September 27th, 2008

I love hearing how I can make this site even better for you.

Please leave your comments and suggestions at the bottom of this page and remember that no idea is too big or too small.

  1. Johnsays:

    just found your site – terrific design
    love the layout and particularly the speed
    it’s a great display even on my notebook
    all very easy to read and navigate
    the best I’ve seen
    great job, thanks for making it available free
    your hard work is much appreciated

  2. Dansays:

    Just to let you know that Sky3 has been renamed Pick TV and is now on Sky Satellite Channel 152 and Virgin Channel 180.

  3. Bensays:

    It’d be great if you could select your favourite shows and be given a URL to a calendar that can be added to Outlook/Mail/Google Calendar etc.

  4. Philsays:

    Terrific – very well laid out, intuitive to use and FAST

  5. Sydsays:

    Excellent site, was using digiguide before, but is expensive now, for what it does, I congratulate you on an excellent job sir/madam!

  6. Sydsays:

    where’s uk gold channel for virgin xl channel 126

  7. Martecsays:

    Still no ITV4+1 on freesat listings ?

  8. Davidsays:

    Can’t get the left scrollbar to work on iPad

  9. Nicholas Ellamsays:

    Channel 4HD is now available on Freesat channel 126, so you might like to consider updating your site with this information.

  10. Sydsays:

    ITV3 is channel 117 not 116 on Virgin

  11. Rupsays:

    Listings for Food Network and FN+1 on Freesat please!

  12. Anthonysays:

    I use your site all the time – seems far more usable than other listings sites. However, ITV1+1 doesn’t seem to have appeared in the Freeview listings yet…

  13. Hi, very clear graphics – best I’ve found so far. Just curious as to why there is no ITV1 + 1?
    Keep up the good work.

  14. no longer a fansays:

    You listed national treasure (BBC1 2nd may 20110 as starting at 4.30, when it started at 4pm. Thanks a lot, I’ve trusted you and missed loads of it now!

  15. Steve Thomassays:

    OMG! Why can’t other listing sites be laid out like this? It is so intuitive and fast. Well done zingzing, you are showing others the way.

  16. Dan Jacksonsays:

    An excellent site which I now use on a regular basis. A minor issue however is the need to store even basic information in a cookie. If I use different computers or computers with browsers configured to delete all history on exit, every time I return, I need to select the network and region again. Whilst the cookie is great for storing highly customized views, a simpler mechanism for selecting network and region would a very useful addition.

  17. Chris Hughessays:

    I’d like to see radio listings, particularly in my case for the BBC channels. Their own listings are ok, but yours are the best!

  18. petersays:

    At last, just what’s needed at the end of a long day,great site,thanks

  19. Simonsays:

    I love your site but the imdb link button annoys me because:
    a)If you don’t already have imdb open in a tab it switches tabs away from zingzing. The normal middle mouse click which is used to open a link without switching tab doesn’t work. I don’t want the tab switched!
    b)It uses the same imdb window every time. I don’t want that – once I’ve finished with and tab I’ll close it. I want zingzing to use a new tab every time.

    My preferred method of usage would be to browse the tv guide, click on all the imdb links of films I am interested in. Then after I have finished browsing switch to each of the imdb tabs to check out the reviews.

    Even nicer if I could access that imdb info without having to go to the popup dlg in the right hand corner first. e.g. if you just embedded the buttons directly in the guide by putting them on the track for the film – they could appear only if you hovered over that track.


  20. Bobsays:

    Great site but doesn’t work on Android. And Dave+1 should be called Dave Ja Vu.

  21. Donsays:

    Have been a great fan of the site for a long time, but you have just changed a few design features specifically the coloured bar style. Please change back this is much harder to view at a glance.

    Apart from that absolutely great!

  22. Robert Ryansays:

    put it back man, it was super……it horrible now

  23. Donsays:

    Style button, Awesome!!!

    luv that I can choose the old style bars again.

    Still my n.1 site =D

  24. Spodo Commodosays:

    Only found your site a month ago and it’s the best tv guide I’ve come across, very easy to see what’s on.

    One problem since the recent change – for grid display the pop-up displaying programme details (for the programme over which the mouse is hovering) is always positioned in the bottom left of the page and thus hides the listings for those channels that are down there.

    Suggestions for other channels:- BBC radio, and my Virgin M package includes Gold and Universal.

  25. Briansays:

    I can no longer add channels to my options. I can add them but there’s no option to save anymore??

    Also why don’t you have the Comedy Channel listed??

  26. Dansays:

    This is by far the best TV Guide I’ve used, excellent design. I request you add the NME TV schedule to the Freesat programme guide.

  27. Chris Bergnersays:

    Hi there;
    Have been a fan of zingzing for a long time now. Sadly it no longer loads up, just gets to the /tvguide displays a black screen as if it is going to load. It then waits for a while, then finishes loading up a couple of ‘googleleads.g.doubleclick.net etc’ but then after saying done, its still just a black screen with the border down the left. I has the advanced search box, and the zingzing.tv logo at the top, plus advert on the right. But the TV content simply doesn’t load up?
    It’s not the cookie problem because I’ve deleted them every time, although I seem to recall it used to download two, now only one?
    The full coloured layout is still my preference, because it is easiest for me to spot any films that are on. I’m using Windows XP service pack 3, and if there is anyway you can get it all working again, I would most appreciate it.

    Best regards and many thanks for the great service so far.

    Chris Bergner.

  28. Michaelsays:

    It would be good if you could see if a programme is a repeat (unless this is already there but I’m not looking hard enough). Otherwise this is the best TV guide I’ve used.

    • Johnsays:

      I’d also like to see a repeat indicator if possible. Great site by the way. Found it after they destroyed the RT site. Won’t be going back there. Nice that you’re listing Irish channels as well (which RT have dropped from the new site for some reason).

  29. John Largesays:

    I have used this site almost from the beginning, itwas by far the best one of them all. I have tried to use it since the new upgrade and I am sorry to say I find it so hard to read, I miss the colours, I do not like the scrolling around the page with the cursor, works 100% better using the arrow keys

    What a shame this has happened, I will continue trying to use it because the other sites are so poor. There is an old saying if it aint broke dont fix it. Please try and combine the best of the old with the new.


  30. John Largesays:

    Wow that was quick, choice of viewing options now on buttons at top of page so much better, great response.

    Onwards and upwards


  31. Bensays:

    I use zing zing full screen on my tv, how about:

    + Remember full-screen choice
    + Series link for shows, eg. match of the day. especially shows that change their time.


  32. Grahamsays:

    Just found your site after Radio Times screwed up with their sold off remake.
    It is excellent and wish to use this from now on. ONLY, this morning, Saturday, there is no data at all, tho the site is all there. Please inform if this is just a temorary glitch, ie no problem, or have you been got at?

  33. Henkwa49says:

    Wonderful site.

    I was used to RT but they`ve changed a lot.

    Questions: Is there a member area so that we can store our favourites?
    Maybe the list of favourites is printable?
    In list view: the colums can smaller


  34. nookynsays:

    I’m another refugee from RT – very pleased to find a site that has all the features I need/value.

    I’ve found a minor bug however – the vertical line which shows current time is out of sync with the programme start times. Not by a lot, but enough to notice. At 21:59 it was a few pixels to the right of programmes which were due to start at 22:00

    Thanks again for making this site!

    • Hey,

      Humm yes, sure enough it is a minute out :) I will fix and roll into this evening’s update of the site.

      Thanks for the expert spot and glad you like the site!

      Marco from Zingzing

      • Victoriasays:

        Thank you, I’ve recently been senrchiag for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you positive concerning the source?|What i don’t realize is actually how you are now not really a lot more smartly-favored than you may be right now. You are so intelligent.

  35. Tomsays:

    Love the site, I am another who has come over from the horrific new RT site.

    You need to have a login system where users can save their channels / order etc… so firstly when I log on elsewhere I don’t need to re-do all my channels, and also because it’s very frustrating when for some reason (i.e. update install, clean install) your cookies get wiped and you lose all your information.

    Otherwise, brilliant layout and guide!

  36. Mikesays:

    I have found since your recent update the IMDB link no longer opens a new window with the film details. :(

  37. Bill Taylorsays:

    Sat17Sep11 Channel 5 details not available

  38. Matt Whitesays:

    Any thoughts on putting a wrapper on this and bunging an app into the android app store. Im asking as i have occasional issue with swipe not working on my fave browsers :)

    • Matt,

      Good question. I have swiping working really well on iPad and iPhone devices. Unfortunately some android browsers aren’t up to the task :( Don’t know what your experience has been for this site?

      That said, I would really like to design a “small screen” version of the site specific for mobile phones… but think that would involve a complete rethink of the interface!


  39. John Largesays:

    Hi Marco!
    When you have time could you update the channels on Freesat there are quite a few not listed. Its still the best listings site


  40. mrs shawsays:

    i wantched a great movie it was about jfk his involvment with the mafia and frank sinartra it was so good love to know the name of it it was showed sat or sun morning really early about 7.0.am can you help e shaw…

  41. Jeremysays:

    This is a great TV guide.

    One feature for lazy people like me would be to be able to grab text from it so I can quickly paste film titles into the Rotten Tomatoes review site. I told you I was lazy!

    Also, it would be nice to be able to search for text across the whole week’s displayed channels so I can find repeats easily.

    Thanks again for a great TV guide!

    • Jeremy,

      Unfortunately copy and paste has been disabled in order to enable the ability for users to drag and drop elements within the interface. I will look into providing a link to Rotten Tomatoes though… seems logical.

      In regards to text search, you can select an option to search titles and descriptions using the advanced search dropdown next to the search box. Does this help?

      Marco from Zingzing

    • A link to Rotten Tomatoes has now been added to all films :)

  42. Samsays:

    This is by far the best TV guide available. Great design and usability.

    One crucial missing feature is login/accounts. This would allow the user to save their channel ordering and be able to see it from multiple computers/devices (e.g. iPad). Cookies aren’t suitable for this. I hope to see this feature soon.

    Thanks for the guide and keep up the great work!

  43. Dericksays:

    Hi Marco,
    I am another refugee from the improved(hahaha)Radio Times site. Could I request the inclusion of programmes for S4C as it provides some pretty good rugby coverage even if I dont understand the commentary. Thanks for the clear efficient layout.

  44. Jan Wsays:

    For me, Zingzing is a must-have programme – I use it every day & can’t fault it in any way. Thankyou for your excellent work. The only extra thing I’d like to see is an RSS feed for your blog!

  45. Lukesays:

    Hi Marco

    Zingzing is a great site.
    However as ex-Rt man I do miss something.
    Is it possible to save your programs in a “favorite” list, and print it out?

    I know you have to do a lot more trouble, eg signing in, etc….
    You can see just this week how it had to do on Old.radiotimes.com

    Thank you


    • Luke,

      I am working on a similar feature! You are correct, one of the complications is the need to store user data & the privacy / security issues surrounding that. No word yet on when I will release it but as with anything on the site, I try not to put it out there half baked (like the RT does!!)


  46. Lukesays:

    Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ty marco. I`ll come and see when it`s ready!

    Thank you

  47. Paulsays:

    I too am a soon to be ex-user of the RT site when it is finally switched off on Thursday. Do you have any plans to add radio stations to your schedule list?

  48. Stewartsays:

    Another RT refugee here: zz seems to be missing STV HD (which is different from ITV1 HD) and it is annoying that the time-of-day window changes when switching between days (which is particularly frustrating in the unnecessarily-spaced list view).

    • Stewart,

      I will be updating the channels soon.. I Have to find an evening this week when traffic is slow (and I’m awake) to do that :)

      I am having trouble understanding your frustration about the time of day? Are you referring to the grid changing position when you click on a date in a programme’s “detail popup”

      Marco from Zingzing

  49. Stewartsays:

    Switching between different dates shows the programmes on the new date at the current time. So, if I want to see what’s showing at a different time on several days I have to choose a day and then scroll to the time, then switch days and scroll to the same time, then switch day and again scroll… Can not the selected time remain unchanged when changing days, or else provide the option of a default time on the view (which ideally would be user selectable, but if not then 20:00 suits me)? Alternatively, do away with much of the wasted space in the list view so that more than three hours’ worth is viewable at any time.

    • Stewart,

      This is a bit of a funny one. It was thought out / tested many ways but.. different people expect the time controls to behave different ways depending on what their “search goal” is on the site and what time of day they are viewing.

      Most people (around 80%) are impulsive and want to know what is on now. These tend to watch TV at the same times every day so the expectation is that the days move ahead 24 hours from “now” as that is where the programmes they can watch are on. The remainder of viewers are “planners” and are looking for programmes at other times of the day based on their interests. I do not cater for these as much in the grid so try to make up for that by offering one of the best text / genre search features out there.

      This version representes the lion’s share of my audience’s expectations.

      I might suggest dragging and dropping the time slider (long thing with little numbers) to the desired time. This is relatively quick to do and accurate. In list view (while in fullscreen) you can also use your mouse wheel to scroll.

      Marco from Zingzing

      • Stewartsays:

        Thanks Marco,

        Of course it’s your site to do with as you like, but isn’t the Grid View for those wanting to see what’s on now? That leaves the so-called List View for the planners. A problem is, however, that the this is really just the Grid View with the axes exchanged. A view that really does simply list programmes in presentation-order not formatted by time is more easily scanned. (Examples of this done well are the about-to-be-stopped RT original list view and Jag’s EPG on my Toppy PVR.) Maybe you would consider adding such a pure-list view for planners and RT-refugees such as myself?

        • Stewart,

          I am working on a text only view called “my programmes” which will only display your favourite programmes, in time order over the next week. This should accommodate that need.

          Marco from Zingzing

          • Lukesays:

            You make that our Xmas present? Great !! Thank you Marco

          • Stewartsays:

            Silly me, Marco. I’ve only just realised that clicking on a channel’s logo does bring up a programme list! Currently it’s only a single channel at a time, but maybe this can be extended? The repetition of channel logo is also distracting.

            In other news, the old RT finally ended today making your efforts all the more important!

  50. Rosiesays:

    Great site, really easy to use and accessible to people with sight impairment. Very well done indeed. I logged on for the first time a few hours ago and am already comfortable with using the features. See, you even manage to make it work for dinosaurs!

    Best regards


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