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  1. Chrissays:

    Hi Marco,
    I’m curious and irritated too, so perhaps you can help.
    After I’ve made my selection (West Country – FreeSat) and then removed any unwanted optional channels I’m left with a core of my selected channels – and that’s fine.
    I save my selection to ‘my favourites’, browse my options for the day, then close the page.
    But – if I return the following day the selection has always reverted to a complete list and reset to London – FreeView.

    Now that happens with my PC using Windows 7 and using Firefox – but if I use Chrome as my browser then my selection remains unchanged.
    My wife, using another PC but with Windows 8 instead and has no problems – her selection remains unchanged regardless of using Firefox or Chrome.

    Do you have any ideas why this happens and what I can do to cure the problem?
    Except for this little glitch your TV guide is certainly the best guide we’ve ever found and which we use in preference to any TV magazine.

    • Chris,

      Your cookies must be getting cleared out somehow. The site has today been updated for a new look and feel. Hopefully a new system of saving settings will solve your problems (or perhaps create more!)

      Marco from Zingzing

  2. Iansays:

    Not sure about the new look. It is very black and the programme catefories do not show up very well.

    Would it be possible to have a choice between the new and old looks.

    Using Windows 7 and Forefox

    • Jansays:

      I too have relied solely on zingzing for planning my viewing as it has been way better than any alternative. The strongest feature for me was the colour coding, and I find the new minimalist style of colour coding ineffective (so much so that at first I thought it had disappeared altogether). I’m glad to hear there will soon be an option to revert to the old style. Thanks Marco

  3. Iansays:

    PS My cookies are cleared when I close Firefox (note spelling) but my selection for local station remains when I next open the browser

  4. Briansays:

    I agree with Ian. The old look was so easy to read and customise but for me this new look is unusable.

    If you’re keeping the new look and lack of customisation then goodbye.

  5. Bobsays:

    The new look is just so sodding awful. Can’t seem to choose my channels either. The vast majority of those channels I have no interest in.

    And there are 3 buttons which have hidden details on them on the setting popup. They are show adult, highlight on now, high contrast (useless) and large grid (also useless).

  6. All,

    I was.. and still am expecting a torrent of complaints for the change in colour scheme so I guess I had better get my reasoning out there quick, fast.

    1. I know the site has many long time visitors and for that I am grateful. The hard fact to swallow for me was that many new visitors were not understanding the reasoning behind the ‘Technicolor Dreamcoat’ colour scheme and not making the link between that and programme genres. It seems obvious to us that have been looking at if for a while but not everybody is of this thinking unfortunately. I Would like to experiment with giving the text more contrast with the background, preferring text ‘text readibility’ over ‘skimiability’

    2. The colour options at the moment are for users whom require assistance reading the screen which is a much higher priority than nice to have ‘themes’.

    3. You may of noticed a new feel to the way things load. That’s because everything has been rewritten from the ground up. This will allow me to do really fancy things like dynamically change the colour of the grid based on time or event status. Before and once loaded it did nothing. It will take a little time to get everything up an running and a good set of options in the UI to customise this. Please give me a little time to do this as it is a really big job to add in the controls and then test these across all the different browsers.

    4. A big (massive I might say) complaint before was that channels or logo’s were outdated and the reason behind this was that the complexity of the mechanism whereby the user could reorder channels made the work behind the scenes to add / delete / modify channels extremely difficult and time consuming. IT also caused a good amount of load on the server. This feature might not come back as it was costing too much money and time to keep going.

    Thanks for bearing with me while things are changing and getting an update.

    Marco from Zingzing

  7. Bobsays:

    1. The move from technicolour dreamcoat to a slim sliver does not work. I never noticed it until I went back to look.

    2. That is a total failure. Go to look at people with poor eyesight requirements for web sites. Having grey on a darker grey is about as pathetic as you can get.

    4. So I have to look at shopping, kids, +1, and many others which are 4th rate, never mind 3rd. This site was also useful for looking at other regions and therefore for content via satellite. That is now no longer a possibility.

    I’m off…

    • “Go to look at people with poor eyesight requirements for web sites. Having grey on a darker grey is about as pathetic as you can get.”

      – I have coming up on 20 years experience in this field and have been privileged to read accessibility reports for many of the other online and set-top-box TV guides.

  8. Jamessays:

    I appreciate the channel update, so thanks for that, that’s brilliant.

    However the new colour scheme is to be frank, terrible. I thought I accidently selected high contrast disability setting. The old colour options were perfect, would be amazing if you brought them back.

    • Jamessays:

      Just to add:

      You removed the option to edit out channels? That is a deal-breaker sadly.

      I actually wish we had the old site back now even with the quarter of all channels missing. This is that bad.

      • Unfortunately cost and time won out on that decision. Pretty good deal for a site with only one ad on it? ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Jamessays:

          I genuinely believe the majority would accept more ads if you brought back the ability to edit channels. But if that’s not an option:

          As I see the option to only select HD channels (which is very helpful), if you add the ability to tick select the news and shopping channels as well to remove them, that would solve a lot of issues people have.

          And would be great if you added the main sports channels back, i.e. BT Sport 1-3 and BT ESPN, and Sky Sports 1-5. (and possibly add ability to tick select them off for certein people, like you can for non-HD channels)

          And thanks for this website btw, I have used it for such a long long time.

  9. Douglas Guysays:

    I cannot choose the channels I usually watch. Please arrange.

  10. Mcsharpsays:

    I’m all for revamping websites now and again. I understand it’s a chance to get rid of outdated technology and poorly written (or at least improvable) code. However, I’m certainly not sold on the current look and feel or functionality.

    I expect I could get used to the new interface but will the option to select Freeview or Freesat channels return?

    • I will in time add more channels but I have not confirmed which ones yet. My guess is that some of the core Sky Offerings could make it in first. I base the decision on channel / market reach and weather I can get a hold of the data without breaking the bank. Thanks for bearing with me. Change is hard and I will piss some people off but it is important the site moves on a little from it’s 2009 design.

  11. Pissed Offsays:


  12. Cozzysays:

    zingzing has consistently been the best, possibly the only, TV site worth using until, I’m sorry to say, now.

    The grey interface, larger fonts and lack of ability to set provider preferences have IMHO dramatically reduced its usefulness.

    Please please please, revert to the previous version, or at least allow us to select our preferred interface.

  13. jrm1970says:

    I too agree with the comments already stated but the biggest issue I have is the inability to scroll in either direction with cursor keys…even pageup/down doesn’t work any longer. I can only get the screen to shift up with the scroll wheel. This has been the best TV site I’ve used until now. I’ve had to switch to another in the meantime just to get the info. I anxiously await the updates/fixes.

    • Keyboard navigation is important. The arrow keys broke some other aspects of accessibility so this feature did not make it into the first cut. It is on the list but needs to be implemented and tested carefully as I do not want it to get in the way of how assertive users might use the site.

  14. Cozzysays:

    I should perhaps say that up until now I’ve totally relied on zingzing, it was by far the best and easiest to use. I used it every single day, sometimes many many times a day.

    So, thank you for that Marco (Y)

  15. Hey All,

    Just a history of the site, the default theme has switched a few times since I started it in way back in 2005. I do agree with all your comments about choice and I will in the next couple of days be adding back into the options screen, an option to switch themes back to the bright monstrosity ๐Ÿ˜‰ Please bear with me while I test this feature.

    Marco from Zingzing

    • Cozzysays:

      I’ll be looking forward to it, thanks.
      One thing that has improved, the time it now only about 10 seconds slow at the browser page, it seemed to have drifted off quite a bit previously.

  16. Stuartsays:

    What did you do? I can’t remove the channels I don’t need any more.

  17. Andrewsays:

    I’ve been using zingzing for the past few years, ever since were promising the ability to select and order channels (but failing to deliver). In the meantime more and more crap channels have arrived – easy enough to purge from the TV set’s favourites but mysteriously no longer possible on zingzing. So for me it’s back to, which finally redeems itself by allowing personal selection and reordering, even if the almighty burden of advertising remains.

    So goodbye for now. I may be back if ever you see sense!

  18. AlanBsays:

    I live in a Freeview area with only a small subset of available channels, with the removal of the ability to select just those channels ZingZing is now effectively useless for me. Plus the fonts you’ve selected for the title bar don’t render properly in firefox on my Linux distro. I loved the previous incarnation of your site, this new version I simply can’t use and I’m not the only one. Please consider adding back the ability to select channels, or if not at least provide the old version of the site as an option.

    • Channel ordering is not coming back in anytime soon. It was too hard to maintain that feature. To be completely transparent, it was taking so much time to add remove and edit channels because of that functionality that I nearly took the site offline permanently as it would of not been worth my time to maintain that old code.

      • AlanBsays:

        If selectable channels aren’t coming back then I’ll have to switch to RT, as others have done. It’s of course your choice to do whatever you want with the site, but it’s a decision I think you’ll come to regret – it won’t surprise me if whatever ad revenue you get drops off a cliff.

        • The hard truth is that removing a feature that only around 2% of users used (i have data for this) will allow me to spend 80% more of my time focusing on why users are not converting to repeat visitors. Thus, traffic will rise.

          • AlanBsays:

            It’s clear you’ve made your mind up and aren’t prepared to listen to feedback, perhaps that has something to do with your poor repeat visit rate? Whatever, I’ve put my channel list into RT and I’ll be using that instead from now on.

          • I have listened and put live today a few bits of feedback that were sent to me in a polite manner, mostly via email to avoid abuse on here. What I have not done is implement the ones that would cause me to give up my evenings and weekends to please a ‘customer’ whom has paid 0p to use this website.

    • Fonts in a distro using gnome that a average user would use are ‘passable’ currently.. i.e. legible. I will look at including the font with the page in future but understand that you are in a small minority of users.

  19. Jamzysays:

    The loss of the channel select is a total dealbreaker for me. I posted a few messages about the missing channels ages ago with no response, and now it’s somehow even worse. (Did someone wish on the Monkey’s Paw?)

    I’ve read your reasons, not sure I agree, but whatever, it’s a shame it had to end this way.

  20. Cozzysays:

    On a positive note, I like the new theme options Marco, especially the colourful ‘Classic’, that’s the one I’ll be using.

    If you’re not able to return the channel selection feature, (which I did use), how about the ability to switch between FreeView/FreeSat

    I almost exclusively use FreeSat, as we have a Humax FreeSat STB with Raydon’s firmware installed, and the mass of irrelevant (to us) channels on the current site format are going to make it very difficult to see what we want to watch.
    Once again, I can’t really see us using another site, as we’ve tried them all and found them wanting, but lack of ability to see the channel suite that we need on Zingzing, is going to be a big disappointment.

    Don’t give up Marco, you have a loyal fan base. (Y)

    • Briansays:

      If you’re using Raydons firmware on your Humax with network connection to your pc then you should be able to display a 7 day EPG in your browser with edited channel list.

      • Cozzysays:

        Yes, I know that Brian thanks. Even so, Zingzing has just been more convenient. Sorry if I’m sounding like a zingzing fanboy ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Hibousays:

    ZZ was a great site, but now I have to scroll through 6 pages of channels !! Too much information kills information. I design web sites myself, and can’t believe the option to exclude channels puts a big load on your server. Re-ordering channels perhaps. Exclusion could even be done client side…

  22. Steviesays:

    Have been using this site for many years with no problem, sadly the ability to remove unwanted channels and no channel numbers renders it useless so, its goodbye sadly

  23. Alansays:

    As others have said the inability to remove channels makes this a non starter to me, 70% of the channels shown I can’t receive or don’t want.
    The old site was perfect from my point of view, you now appear to have removed everything that made ZZ superior to all the other TV listing sites.
    If the problem is server running costs, have you considered a small subscription fee? I know I wouldn’t of minded paying a small yearly fee for the functionality of the original site.

  24. Cozzysays:

    A tip for anyone who doesn’t already know it folks, you can get more on screen in your browser with CTRL- and return to normal size with CTRL+

  25. Pip Katosays:

    The old site was perfect. The colour coding really worked. And, apart from the fact that some of my channels were missing in the ‘Options’ (like PBS America) it worked well. Please, can you give us the option of choosing the original format?

  26. iansays:

    Blimey, that’s bright! I’ve just tried the classical skin and it is a bit day-glo. Come back George Osborne. But it is easier to see programmes.

    But first, can I say thank you. I don’t pay for the site, I find it tremendously useful. And very easy to use after looking at the other sites mentioned by people.

    The drag feature is especially good.

    I didn’t realise there were so many channels available. I rarely step outside the main ones. A feature that has disappeared which helped me was the channel numbers on the entries. Finding numbers for Virgin Media is a pain. But if it is beyond the budget/resources/whatever I can live with it.

  27. Breandรกn ร“ hAnnaidhsays:

    I definitely don’t like the recent changes to Zingzing. Two things that are big steps backward: the inability now to remove or re-order channels, and the removal of Republic of Ireland as a region (guess where I live). I’ll take your word for it on the removal of channels being high maintenance, but frankly many satellite channels are a waste of space (not your fault!) so editing them out was very useful.

  28. BlindMoosesays:

    Wow. That’s different. Thought my browser had gone funny.
    Then realised you must have updated the site. Using a Mac (Safari browser) to view the site.
    Obviously it is early days, so loads of bits yet to be added, look forward to providing feedback.
    So far the running time point line is better (more accurate).

  29. Andrewsays:

    I see there have been no comments for over a month now, compared to the flurry of mostly negative ones after the site was wrecked. So it looks dead in the water. Shame.

  30. Viviensays:

    I have been using ZZ for a number of years – I liked to be able to print out the tv schedule. I was on holiday at the beginning of the year and since my return, I’ve got a display I find difficult to navigate and can’t print!
    Any ideas? I’m using Windows 10.

  31. Jamzysays:

    I just came back here because TVguide is on the fritz right now, and I see nothing has changed. In fact it has not changed to the extent that there are two channels showing ‘*channel* has moved – please retune’ and there’s a new channel that hasn’t been added.

    So I guess the site really is dead in the water. I’ll have to look through the EPG on my TV instead as it’s easier to use than this mess.

  32. Graham Wellssays:

    Great improvement, are you planning to allow re-ordering as well ?

  33. Blind Moosesays:

    like the new channels feature. That should please some of the others ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks Chris.

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