Zingzing TV Listings is designed to make finding television programmes simple, quick and intuitive as possible.

Drag and Drop

To tweak the programme grid position, you can drag and drop the programme grid directly by clicking and holding the mouse down while moving your mouse.

Changing Time

Drag the time slider (located at the top of the programme grid) left and right to change time. Dragging the slider all the way to the right hand side will scroll the schedule into the next day.

Changing Channel

Drag the channel slider (located on the left hand side of the programme grid) up and down to scroll the channels up and down.

Resetting Grid Location

Click on the “Home” button located in the top left hand corner to reset the grid location to the current time and the first channel. Clicking on the zingzing logo in the header will also reset the grid.

Setting Your Channel Preferences

You can localize you channels by clicking on the “Options” button in the toolbar, then your preferred provider and location. Zingzing will remember your preferences between visits.

Viewing Programme Details

To get more information about a particular programme, simply click on the programme within the grid or search results info pane. Clicking on related programmes will scroll the grid to the location of that show and bring up its details.

[S] = Subtitles

[AD] = Audio Description

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can now use the keyboard to control zingzing as well as a mouse. Here are the available shortcuts.

Up, Down, Left, Right – Scroll the grid in a direction

Home Key, End Key – Scrolls the grid forward or backward by one day. Page up / Page down in some browsers.

Escape (While Searching) – Cancel search and enable grid navigation

Having trouble? Please contact us and let us know.

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